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Why We Need Carbs

“Carbs are the devil!”

“Eating carbs will make you fat”

“Want diabetes? Eat carbs”

One of the most common things we hear in our intake of new clientele at DC Health Performance is clients coming to us eating a low carb diet. We applaud everyone who does this as they are actively making a change and trying to improve their body composition and their health.

Unfortunately it is not the best way to go about it which is why people come to us frustrated with the fact that low carb diets don’t work as well as they should and make people feel lethargic, tired and weak.

Here is why we recommend people add carbs back into their diets and why.

Carbs improve workout performance: Our muscles run on stored glycogen, which is basically carbohydrate stored in the muscle. If we do not consume carbs after training or at all, we do not refill this valuable fuel source. We start this by simply adding some carbs with each clients post workout shake. This often does wonders for recovery.

Carbs lead to a transient increase in weight gain: For every gram of carbs we consume, our body holds onto 3 grams of water. If we build people up with their carb amounts slowly, we eliminate this problem while still dropping body fat and scale weight.

Carbs don’t affect weight balance, calories do: So many clients get drawn to low carb diets due to fast scale weight loss. Unfortunately this is due to the body losing water quickly as it does when not consuming carbs. Education yourself on this fact and understanding that overall calorie balance is what drives weight loss allows us to make smarter decisions about what and how we eat.

So as you can see, carbs are really essential to getting the most out of our bodies and not the villain they have been made out to be. Make sure you get some good quality nutrition coaching to find out how many you need and when. The difference in your performance and body composition will be staggering.

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