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Training Intent – Are you Focusing on the Right Things?

When we go to the gym, we often get to work without any real direction of our training or what kind of intention we bring to our training. If we truly want to get amazing results we need to really clarify what intent we want to bring to each and every set and rep.

Want to know how to get the most out of your training? Read on!

When we look at training goals, it really breaks down into 3 main goals: Lose fat, build muscle and get stronger. This is really the crux of most peoples goals when coming to the gym. The thing we need to optimise is how we perform the reps we do for each and every goal.

Fat Loss: This is the most common goal in every gym in the world ever. Period. It is a shame that most people are chasing this goal yet do not know how to perform their reps for the best possible chance of fat loss.

What you want to emphasise in training for fat loss is the speed of your reps and the rest periods used. It is optimal to slow down the lowering phase of each lift and have a controlled lifting part for each and every rep. This increases what is called time under tension which will generally make the session more challenging. The other thing we want to do is reduce the rest we take between sets at the beginning of the session and take longer rest as the workout progresses. We want to increase the density of the workout so you can get more done in less time.

Muscle Gain: If we want to gain muscle, we need to be aware that there is a difference between simply lifting a weight from point A to point B and using the targeted muscle to perform the mechanical work.

What we want to do is concentrate on contracting the target muscle as hard as possible throughout the entire lifting process. For example, if we are doing a Biceps curl, we should focus on squeezing the Biceps as hard as possible. This will increase what is called Intra-muscular tension which is a key driver of muscle growth. By doing this we can definitely see an increase in muscle growth and the effectiveness of our training sessions.

Strength: Strength is a skill that we practice and we need to practice this skill. By focusing on moving the bar with as much force and speed as we can on every lift, we will increase our ability to recruit what are called Motor Units (a nerve that recruits muscle fibers). If we can do increase the amount of muscle we are using for every lift, we will be stronger!

As you can see, the intent we apply to every lift can dramatically increase the results we see from our training. If we are serious about getting results, we need to apply ourselves to each training session to reach our potential. Go forth and lift!


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