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How To Train to Get Shredded!

Let’s start this out with a caveat – no training article to get shredded is going to work unless you eat to get shredded.  You need to get your calories, macro nutrients, nutrient timing in order and all the advice in this article will work like a charm.

Now we have that disclaimer out of the way, lets look at the 5 principles you must follow with training to get shredded!

  1. Nutrition – Yes, it is that important! If your nutrition isn’t on point, nothing else really matters. Have a look at the following articles to help you here.

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2. Progressive Overload

This principle has been talked about in both our Strength and Hypertrophy articles. Of course it is important for fat loss as well! Here are the best ways to apply it for fat loss:

  • Lifting the same weights and reps with less rest – this is increasing the density of a workout, more done in less time. This will increase the energy requirements of a training session and lead to better results.
  • Training more frequently – The more you train, the more you burn!
  • Lifting the same weight for more reps – more overall volume which means more calories burned.

Always strive to do more in each workout and you have a pretty solid strategy for fat loss.


NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This basically means how many calories you burn for daily activities. The more active you are day to day the more fat you will burn. Here are some strategies to increase your NEAT.

10,000 Steps a Day – this is the most popular strategy to increase NEAT. Every client that does this drops fat and drops fat really quickly. This is one SO simple but so powerful.

Park further away and take the stairs – No one does this but we all should. Its value is in helping us achieve those 10,000 steps a day.

Implement walking meetings or simply walk more – this can help improve productivity and improve fat loss results.  Some studies have also shown they lead to more honest communication so a total win win!

Find leisure activities that are active – shut down Netflix and get outside! One thing to be aware of here is how certain activities may impact your training. For example, if you go rock climbing, could it affect a back workout? Will snowboarding all weekend ruin leg day? This is not about saying things are off limits, it is more about what will have the least impact on your training.

4. Physiological Disruption

When training for fat loss, you need to focus on the big lifts, there is no room for isolation exercises. Squats and deadlifts are in, triceps kickbacks and calf raises are out. The more an exercise takes out of you, the better you will be for including it. The greater range of motion and the more you move your body through space the better results you will get.

5. Variety

Variety will not make or break your results when you are training to get shredded, but it might keep you involved in the program. You will generally change the exercises more frequently in a fat loss program as you aren’t looking to force muscular or strength adaptations.

We recommend for our clients to change exercises slightly rather than totally change everything. Elevate your heels for squats, changing grip on a bar or moving from  barbell to a dumbbell are all perfectly valid options.

When training for fat loss, again to harp on the point PLEASE get your nutrition on point and everything in the training will work amazingly for you. Good luck!



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