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The Complete Body Transformation Checklist

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One of the most challenging and rewarding (and frustrating!) undertakings a person can undertake is a body transformation. For a certain time period, you dedicate yourself to changing your body shape, your physique and your overall approach to your health and fitness.

Transforming your physique is akin to painting a new version of yourself over your current physical canvas. It is hard work and we commend anyone who joins up for any Transformation we run at DC Health Performance.

To help all of those who are ready to transform their body, their minds and their life, here is our guide to Body Transformation. The 10 Tips below are essential to your success. Read them, use them and change your life!


TransformChecklist_Points-011. Success Leaves Clues

Many people have successfully transformed their body before you. It is wise as you start any transformation that you start to look for stories of people who have achieved goals similar to what you are after.

It is likely that they ran into the same obstacles as you and by identifying these early you may possible circumvent these problems. Here are some words from clients of ours who have made successful transformations

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TransformChecklist_Points-072. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Changing your body hurts. Our bodies will actively resist burning fat and building muscle. Why? Because it is hard. Your body likes where it is right now and this makes any change uncomfortable.

Some of the things that you will experience over a transformation period include:

  • Muscular pain and discomfort. A good workout is going to leave you sore occasionally. Also, don’t mistake soreness with pain. Soreness is ok, pain is bad. Let your Coaches know if you are experiencing pain.
  • Hunger – losing bodyfat means you will be hungry occasionally. This is normal and part of the process.
  • Tiredness – Sometimes training will be the last thing on your mind. This is where you you need to push through.
  • Frustration – The scale won’t always reflect the effort you have put in. This is where it is especially important to stay focused. Your body is still changing on the inside so keep going!


TransformChecklist_Points-023. Social Support

Doing a challenge like this is always a hard task and is much more difficult when going it alone. This is why we always run them at certain times of the year so people can do it together. There is a saying that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with so if you surround yourself with like minded individuals, your likelihood of success will increase.

TransformChecklist_Points-034. Specific Goals Become Behaviours

At the beginning of every transformation, we go into it with a specific goal in mind.

Once we have these goals however, it is very wise of us to identify Behaviour Based Goals from these outcome based goals. This article goes into great details on this

Goals with Gravity

TransformChecklist_Points-045. Journalling

A food journal is your body transformation friend. It will help you:

  • Create awareness. Awareness alone is enough to create better diet choices.
  • Help you identify resistance. You will notice foods you don’t want to write down. You might find the habit “stupid.” Is this mindset carrying over to over tasks you have to do to successfully transform?
  • Learn your own habits and tendencies. Once you identify these, you can successfully change

TransformChecklist_Points-056. Be Ok With Boring

Over a 12 Week Transformation period, the following things will generally be a part of it:

  • You will do a lot of squats, dead lifts, presses and rows
  • You will spend a lot of time doing cardio
  • You will likely eat a lot of chicken, fish, broccoli and rice
  • You will become good friends with your protein shaker
  • Sleep ins will be a bitter memory

Your key to success in any transformation is repetition of the basics. the more you do them, the better you get. Be Ok with boring.

TransformChecklist_Points-067. Preparation

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Preparation is the key step to making sure your transformation goes smoothly. Here are some preparation tips we have seen our most successful clients use:

  • Bulk cook protein twice a week
  • Cut veggies two times per week
  • Book in all your training sessions each week in advance
  • Pre-plan your cheat meals
  • Buy food storage containers
  • Have a grocery list

TransformChecklist_Points-088. Measure and Manage

Measuring your results and then changing things if necessary is the cornerstone of success. here are what you should measure and the frequency of measurement:

  • Scale weight – This should be done daily and the overall result should be averaged out over a week. Try to weigh yourself first thing every morning
  • Bodyfat – This should be measured every 2 weeks and under the same conditions.
  • Muscle mass – This should happen at the same time as the body fat measurement
  • Strength – Every workout should be recorded and analysed to see if weights are trending up or down

Once you have this date, you may need to make changes. With your adjustments, start with small changes. Here are some tips:

  • Drop your weekly calories the smallest amount possible to still make a difference. 100-200 calories per day is plenty.
  • If you have dropped bodyfat, but not scale weight, you are holding onto water. Don’t stress, it will disappear.
  • if your strength is consistently dropping, consider a deload week or a diet break. We will discuss these concepts soon.

TransformChecklist_Points-099. Look at Limiting Factors

Everyone has a limiting factor when it comes to achieving their goals. Here are a few that commonly hold most people back and some solutions on how to overcome them.

Stubborn Lower Body Fat







The above list should help you. If it is something else, please let us know, we are here to help.

TransformChecklist_Points-1010. Master Mindset

You must get in the right headspace to transform your body.

To get ready for any challenge, read this: 7 Ways to get Your Mindset Right

If you follow all the advice in this article we guarantee you will achieve a transformation that will absolutely blow you away.

Remember if you need ANY help, we are always available. 



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