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The 4 Behaviours You Must Follow to Get Shredded!

Let’s face it, we all want a quick fix. The perfect diet, the secret ab exercise or the supplement that is finally going to get us shredded, jacked and strong as ever. Its human nature to want things for the least amount of effort.

Unfortunately, life simply does not work that way. Achieving our desired physique requires discipline, hard work and sacrifice. It would be amazing if all the secrets worked, but they don’t.

Luckily for you, we have helped 1000’s of people lose weight, build muscle and transform. From observing all these people succeed, we have identified 4 key behaviours that they all have exhibited. If you can follow these habits, you will notice a massive difference in your physique.

1. Consistency with food

We all enjoy variety. It keeps things interesting, keeps us engaged and is fun! What we have seen though is our clients who achieve the best results find something that works for them and they stick to it.

This makes sense on a number of levels. It reduces what is called ‘decision fatigue’ which is where having to make multiple decisions daily throughout the day leads to poorer outcomes at the end of the day. It reduces grocery bills, it allows you to stick to your macros and it allows you to reduce food preparation time.

Our clients who do well with this find food they enjoy as the first step that fits into their plan. From then looking at portion sizes it makes it super easy to figure out how much to eat. This then makes dietary adjustments so much easier. Simply increase portion sizes of foods you like to gain mass or reduce to drop body fat.

2. A healthy relationship with food

Many clients who struggle have frequent cravings for food that negatively affect their body composition. Not only are these foods craved, they are often consumed in a manner where portion control is totally neglected: they are inhaled rather than consumed normally. This leads to massive setbacks as quite often a weekly caloric deficit can be wiped away in as little as an hour.

The clients we have seen succeed see food in a vary different light: If they crave a food, they can recognise whether it is a true craving or something else entirely. If it is a true craving, they will indulge it, but not in a way that will set them back significantly. They can embrace the craving but stop when it is satisfied.  They can see that sometimes a short term sacrifice is worth the long term gain.

This is definitely a topic that needs to be looked at in depth so this article does exactly that. It is a little longer but worth the read.

3. Sticking to the same training in a sustainable manner

Good training is not always crushing yourself in the gym.  It is gradually building your capacity, minimising fatigue whilst chasing performance and only going all out when the program says it is time to. No one is impressed by the amount of sweat you leave in the gym, it is the change in your physique and strength over time that leaves a lasting impression.

The hardest part about all of this is sticking to the plan and not chasing variety. Everyone loves to be entertained (see point 1) but we want to always keep in mind that training is meant to be productive, not fun. Of course you can have fun, and we would argue that you have more fun by achieving mastery in the gym, consistently getting stronger than everyone else and changing your physique completely, not spinning your wheels trying new exercises and workouts looking for a magic fix.

4. Abstaining or minimising alcohol

This is the hardest for many people. Minimising alcohol is incredibly hard for many people, as alcohol is often used as a social tool and a emotional crutch. We also like to reward ourselves with a drink for completing a hard work week, or any other excuse we can conjure up.

The truth of the matter although it is possible to get awesome result whilst consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, it is far from ideal and makes it much more challenging. The best option is to limit it as much as possible and save it for special occasions. One thing to consider is quite often drinking more does not make a social occasion any better: going from 5 to 15 drinks will not improve your experience, it will more than likely detract from it and increase your calorie count.

If you can implement and stick to the previous 4 factors, results are guaranteed. We have seen it too many times for it to  be coincidence. Implement and reap the benefits.

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