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The BS about Bulking

#I’mBulking I have trained people for 13 years. I have tried out either on myself or one of my poor unsuspecting clients every nutrition and training plan under the sun. Some have been good, some great, some downright dangerous and disappointing. Bulking has been one of them that is always a constant disappointment. Want to […]

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The 5 Biggest Myths Around Gaining Size

You are here today reading this report because you are sick and tired of all the conflicting information out there when it come to getting jacked. Should I bulk? Should I take creatine? Is cardio going to rob me of my gains and make my legs look like a flamingo? Fortunately for you, we are […]

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Are you Training the Right Way for Your Goals?

[button_3 text=”get-the-free-report.png” align=”center” href=””/] Strength development. Bodybuilding. Athletic power and conditioning. Fat loss. All these are goals of the clients we see in the gym at DC Health Performance. We help people each and every day achieve these goals and more and there is one thing we do a little bit differently than most gyms. We […]

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How to Eat for Muscle Gainz!

Eating for fat loss is often much simpler than eating for muscle gain. For fat loss, simply eat less! If you lose fat, you are doing ok. What we see though with muscle gain, is guys indiscriminately eating everything in sight. The word for it is ‘bulking’. What bulking leads to is people gaining weight […]

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