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The Complete Body Transformation Checklist

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Goals With Gravity – The Value of Self Evaluation

Goals with Gravity – The Value of Self Evaluation We all know the drill. Every summer, new year, any other occasion we deem special or a period of change, we set some arbitrary goals. “I want to lose 5-10 kilograms” “I want to build some muscle”  “I want to really eat well” Buy why do […]

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It’s Not Just About Cardio and Carbs – 7 Ways to Get Your Mindset Right to Change Your Body

We all think if we make it to the gym 3-4 times a week, cut our carbs and generally work hard, we will drop fat, build muscle and get the body of our dreams. The truth of the matter is however, no matter how good our intentions are, and how good our attempts are at […]

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The Art of Being Coached

One key element that links all people that are successful in any field of endeavour is that they are all extremely coachable. Did you know that Michael Jordan had a shooting coach? Or that Roger Federer has a tennis coach and Tiger Woods has a golf coach? This is because they all value the input […]

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Mindset – Staying Focused in 2015

There is an abundance of high quality information available everywhere we go now. Through the marvels of technology we can access literally any piece of information we desire on our phones while sitting on a bus, drinking coffee at a cafe, or pretty much anywhere else in the globe. Heck, even this website is a […]

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Master your Sleep in 2015

One of the most frustrating things in the world is struggling to fall asleep. Even worse is waking up after a night of tossing and turning and hearing the alarm go off and needing a coffee to even get through the morning. After this you then struggle throughout the day, forgetting valuable information, struggle to make […]

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How to Train in 2015

Now that we have nutrition out of the way, lets get stuck into training. Training is absolutely essential when it comes to achieving your body composition goals. Here is what you need to do to achieve all your training goals. Follow these steps to ensure your training is productive each and every time. 1. Have […]

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How to avoid the same mistakes this New Year

Every year, we see the same thing with our clients and we see them making the same mistakes they have made each and every year. Grand goals are set and even though people start with good intentions and put forth heaps of effort and then when hit by a minor setback, all good intentions go […]

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Training – The Original Self Improvement Method

In Japanese, there is a word called Kaizen. It basically is 2 characters, change and good and can be translated to the practice of continuous improvement. This concept has been adopted by self improvement leaders such as Anthony Robbins and many others as a way to constantly strive to be a little bit better each […]

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