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We all want to be able to do chin ups. That feeling of strength and power, nothing comes close. Unfortunately, most training programs don’t get you there, due to poor programming, a misunderstanding of the strength required and a lack of hard work! Following this program will get you there fast!   Make sure you […]

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How to Get Your First Chin Up

There’s no better feeling than your first chin up. You grab the bar, hands chalked up and start to mentally prepare yourself. Its time to really pull your weight. Your biceps and grip scream with effort. You pull down with as much effort as you can muster, slowly creeping towards the bar. As you get […]

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Optimal Biceps Training for Size and Strength

Arms. The Gun Show. Thunder and Lightning. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Even though this may sound like product names in a gun shop, these are what we affectionately refer to our arms as. Every guy with even a slight interest in training is interested in having bigger arms. What we are doing here today is […]

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5 Strength Moves to Get You Jacked!

If you want to gain size, you need to lift big! Too many guys go to the gym and focus on isolation exercises, advanced bodybuilding techniques (whatever that means) and poor form. What we really need to do to succeed is focus on getting strong on the big lifts and then once we get strong, […]

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