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Six Pack Abs – The Holy Grail

Six Pack Abs. The goal of nearly every trainee. The one sign showing that you have trained hard and followed your nutrition plan consistently.  The envy of every other gym goer who hasn’t got there yet. So – How do you get them? Is it nutrition? Yes Is it training? Yes Is it consistency? Yes […]

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Knee Pain – 5 Ways to Feel Better Now!

Have you ever experienced sharp, stabbing pain while embarking on your weekly run? Or felt your legs give out from under you during a squat, and the dull ache in your knees staying with you for weeks? If you have, you know the agony and the feeling of incapacitation this can bring. Luckily for you, […]

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The 5 Rules of Fat Intake

What many people don’t realise is that fat is good for them. Fat was unfairly vilified throughout the low fat craze of the 80’s and that has left many people permanantly scared of consuming fats. The biggest myth about fat is that eating fat will not make you fat. There is no evidence for this […]

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The 3 keys to Successful Carbohydrate Consumption

There is no macronutrient more vilified than carbohydrates. It seems that every nutrient goes in cycles with being crucified, with fat being the problem child of the 80’s. Although many people have experienced fat loss success with low carbohydrate diets, this may be down to numerous factors such as reducing overall calories and improved food […]

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The 3 Most Common Diet Mistakes

Diet is the number 1 area in which we achieve our body composition results. Whether you want to gain muscle or drop fat, diet needs to be addressed and modified. What we are going to talk about here are the 3 most common dietary mistakes we see clients make and what steps we can take […]

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The 6 Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep

“To Sleep, perchance to dream”Sleep is something we take for granted, until we aren’t getting any. In our experience at least 60% of our clients that we see at DC Health Performance are suffering from disrupted sleep or a general lack of sleep. This is one of the key points that we focus on in […]

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Lifting techniques for Back Pain

Have you ever heard of someone bending down to pick up the washing and blowing out their back? Or someone in the gym lifting and getting a traumatic injury? Both of these problems can be associated with poor lifting technique. Learning how to lift correctly is one of the key factors needed to overcome low […]

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7 Ways to Manage Cortisol

Stress is deleterious for each and every single person that experiences it. A large proportion of the negative affect of stress is from the hormone cortisol that is produced in response to stress. Some of the negative effects of excess cortisol include: – Excess cortisol decreases immunity – It inhibits digestion – It creates a […]

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8 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

Every guy wants to build muscle and they want to have built it yesterday. What we have put together for you are 8 of our top tips at DC Health Performance  that you can implement immediately to start building muscle fast.1. Alternate your training programsThis is one of the priorities for a guy training to […]

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4 Ways to Fix Your Squat Fast

The Squat is one of the fundamental exercises for training success. To achieve any goal, whether it may be muscle gain, fat loss or athletic performance the squat needs to be a fundamental part of your program. At DC Health Performance we use 4 main exercises to fix peoples squats. Here is a video for […]

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