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Stubborn Fat Loss – Do You Really Have It?

Fat loss is hard. Really, really hard. It is something that EVERYONE struggles with, no matter how much willpower and discipline that they can muster.

As a natural progression from this, we often feel our fat loss is slowly coming to a halt. Process never comes fast enough, we cam always be doing better and we are never satisfied. This makes us feel that our fat loss is stubborn, that we have certain areas that just won’t budge and we just aren’t doing enough. This very often leads to overwhelm and then to unfortunately, blow out. Let’s not let that happen and look at the 4 main factors that are holding us back.


  1. Learn to cook

Seriously, this one is a massive game-changer. If you can cook, having healthy meals no longer poses a threat. Simply cooking rather than eating out can save you 100’s of calories per meal due to you knowing exactly what is in the food you are eating. It also has the added bonus of saving you a ton of cash which you can use to train at DC Health Performance. 🙂

2. Write it down

Our most successful clients have used a food journal. Writing it down not only allows you to see what is wrong, but generally stops you from doing it in the first place.

3. Have a healthy relationship with food

This is a really important factor. We cannot achieve our body composition goals if our relationship with food is dysfunctional. We think this is so important, we wrote an entire article about it. Read it here.

4. Don’t get caught up in perfection

Perfection has been said to be the enemy of progress. The more we aim for perfection, the more we beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve it.

5. Have fun!

We only get to do this once. Go out with friends, have fun and realise that been lean, happy and most importantly healthy will improve your quality of life which is the most important thing.

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