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Stacking Your Nutrition and Training

Have you ever started a new nutrition and training program full of enthusiasm and ready to go? Have you prepped your meals for the week, booked in all your workouts and got your supplements ready in little bags?

And after a week have you started feeling burnt out, tired, lacking motivation and absolutely starving? And even if you have managed to stay the course, have you ever felt frustrated when you inevitably plateau and have nowhere else to go? If you want the solution, read on!

The best way to combat the overwhelm of trying to transform your life overnight and do everything perfectly is to stack your nutrition and training approaches. Here is how it is done.

Define Your Goal and Timeframe: Ideally at DC Health Performance, we set our goals in 90 Day Periods. This is a perfect amount of time to make a massive change and means we have time to measure and manage expectations and progress. When we also have a clearly defined goal, we can break it down into chunks of 30 day periods.

Pick Your Approach: Once we have defined our goals, we can then work out what approach is going to be the most beneficial to us achieving it with the least amount of disruption to our lives. For example, if your goal is to lose 6 kilograms over 90 days, you need to lose 2 kilograms a month. To lose 2kg, you DO NOT need to count every macronutrient, train 2x a day and do 5 hours of cardio a week. You just need to make small sustainable changes. For example, if you are training 2x a week and eating well 40% of the time, you could simply train 3x a week eat well 60% of the time and achieve your goal.

Stack Your Strategies: Once we have defined what has worked for you, we simply work out how to add a little bit extra. For example you may move from 3x a week to 4x a week training, and reduce your carbohydrates from 150 grams a day to 100 grams a day. This approach will work for a long time and always give you some room to move around.

If you stack your approach, rather than trying to do everything at once you will get far better long term success. Try it and let us know how you go!

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