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The Nutritional Hierarchy of Results

“Should I have brown or white rice?”

“Are green coffee bean supplements going to help me lose fat?”

“Will carbs at night make me fat?

These are all questions we get daily at DC Health Performance. What we wanted to do was clarify what you really need to focus on to get the most results out of your nutritional program.

(Disclaimer): This chart is taken from Renaissance Periodisation, a very well respected nutrition coaching company and we have found it to have immense value when working with clients.

Calorie Balance: This is the most important factor for weight loss results. In fact, it accounts for approximately 50% of your results. This is even accounting for WHAT you eat, regardless of food quality. It is the most important factor that you need to get right. If you need to lose weight, you probably need to eat less. To gain weight, you need to eat more.

Macronutrients: This accounts for the next 30% of your results. If you get your macros right, good things happen. Protein is your most important macronutrient for muscle growth, satiety and a whole host of other things, followed by carbs for energy and exercise recovery and then finally fats for hormonal production and satiety.

Nutrient Timing: Now we are getting to the stuff we get asked a lot of questions about. Nutrient timing only accounts for around 10% of your results, which is still a notable amount. However, for most intents and purposes this is the best way to think about it: Eat your carbs around the workout to give you fuel, eat your fats away from the workout to keep you full. This does wonders for most people.

Food Quality: This is when we get into the difference between brown rice and white rice, chicken vs tuna. It is only a small detail, only worth about 5% of your results. Unless the other factors are in check, this will not make a sizeable difference to your results.

Supplements: This is the last 5% of your results, the icing on the cake (ironic!). Unless all your nutrition plan is dialled in, supplements are for the most part a waste of money.

Making sure you focus on the right things in the nutritional hierarchy is of utmost importance for you to get the best results. Focus on what truly matters and good luck!


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