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Maintain to Gain!

One of the most common things we see is people confused about what to do when fast loss hits a plateau.We struggle, we deal with being in a calorie deficit, the feelings of hunger and deprivation and frustratingly, the scale does not budge.

This is one of the most frustrating places to be in your fitness journey. It can be enough to put you off training and following a nutrition plan due to the sheer irritation it can cause. Luckily for you, here are some simple strategies that you can easily implement into your plan.

Adjust Your Calories

As we lose body fat and bodyweight, our calories needs decrease. What this can mean is your previous calorie deficit may now be your new maintenance calories! What you may need to dons implement a further calorie deficit. If you are over 75kg, generally cut 250 calories per day and if under 75, start with around 125 calories. Monitor your progress and if it is too slow, simple remove a few more calories. If it is too fast (more than 1% bodyweight per week, add some more calories.

Have Patience

As much as we would love it to be, fat loss is not a linear progress. Some weeks we may see nothing and then 2 days later, we have dropped 1-2 kgs! Don’t panic if this happens, just have faith. This is particularly pertinent if you have just started a new nutrition plan.

Implement a Maintenance Phase

After a period of fat loss, it is wise to maintain your new found weight for a period of time to consolidate it as your new normal. The purpose of this phase is to gradually increase your calories again as high as possible while maintaining the same bodyweight. The time period of a maintenance phase should be at least half the duration of a cutting phase (ideally it should be the full length, but we want results now damn it!) to allow your results to consolidate.Training in a maintenance phase should be based around getting stronger, hypertrophy and working out any aches or niggles you may have accumulated in a caloric deficit.

Monitor Your Movement

As we lose weight, we generally tend to reduce our frequency and duration of movement. As we have less food, the couch becomes more and more appealing! This is the value of tracking your steps. Use a step tracker to monitor how many steps you take a day and make sure your training volume stays high.

Layer Your Progressions

Now there is a ton of stuff you could speed up fat loss: HIIT, training, cut calories, special supplements, twice a day training and more. The problem with all of this is what do you do when this stops working? If there is nothing more to add from a training perspective and no more food you can cut with your dietary approach, you have no choice but to go into maintenance. We recommend picking one to two tools at most, and getting the most out of them before adding more. This will help stave off a fat loss plateau for even longer.

Fat loss stagnation sucks, but it isn’t a permanent state of affairs. Follow these 5 steps to make sure you don’t struggle with your results.

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