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How to Improve Your Golf Swing

The dreaded gold swing – the bane of every hack golfer trying to finally hit Par for the first time. It is one of those skills that can be so satisfying when you get it right, but can be so frustrating trying to master.

Working with a Golf Pro is essential to master the technical aspects of the swing. What we also need to do is address the physical components of the swing to make sure we have no physical restrictions holding us back. In these videos, we will go over the three main restrictions we see with our golfers and how to fix them.

1. Achieving full rotation in the back swing

Having a solid backswing is the foundation of the rest of the swing. With poor mechanics here, you will have an inconsistent swing and struggle with power generation. Here is our best exercises to fix this.

2. Increasing Drive Power

Many people miss out on achieving a great distance with the drive, not due to a lack of power, but a lack of hip internal rotation. Have a look at this video for a really easy way to address this.

3. Excessive Weight Shift

Having a repeatable weight shift is another component of golf success. This exercise will help you control your weight shift and also improve your upper body rotation – both of which will improve your chances of success.

A great idea is to perform these exercises daily to keep your body in peak condition and to perform them as a warm up before you play to get the most out of each game.


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