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From Good to Great: The 10 Behaviours of A Successful Fat loss Program

Do you wish you knew the EXACT secret to losing the last 3-5 kilograms and finally getting your dream body?

You know all the numbers, the maths, the counting calories and what your macros need to be but this is only getting you to good. You want GREATNESS.

In this blog we explore the 10 behaviours that, if implemented, lead to amazing results and take you and your physique from good to great.

Are you ready? Read on!


Behaviour 1: Being in tune with your bodies own needs and cues

The best results from fat loss come not with random calculations by themselves, but by combining these with an acute awareness of what their body responds to and what it needs on a day to day basis. Sometimes your macros may be too much for that day and you need to cut back. Sometimes in the gym you may be able to push harder so you listen and crush it. This is a key to long term success.

Behaviour 2: Knowing when to back off

Not every fat loss workout needs to leave you drowning in a pile of sweat and crying. Sometimes life gets in the way of working out. Kids, jobs, deadlines and lack of sleep can all negatively impact your training. A good behaviour is to acknowledge this, train at a lower intensity and maintain consistency. This leads to fat loss victories!

Behaviour 3: Treating this as a marathon not a sprint

We know how you feel. We all want to lose fat yesterday. We all want each workout to shred bodyfat and build muscle and each healthy meal to more fully bring out our finely etched abs.

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen. A successful approach is to treat it as a long term project.

Behaviour 4: A relentless focus on the basics

The master of anything does not get distracted by the exciting new developments. They consider them carefully, and see how they work in the context of mastering the basics. For successful fat loss, this means mastering the squat, bench, deadlift and chin up and mastering portion control and appetite awareness.  Keep focus on getting better at these. They can always be improved.

Behaviour 5: Self monitoring abilities

Accountability leads to success. Unfortunately we can’t have a Coach looking over our shoulder each and every second. Having the ability to monitor yourself is a key determinant of success. This article goes into detail on one way to monitor what sets you off eating poor food and neglecting training.

Behaviour 6: Focus on the process, not the outcomes

Sometimes, outcomes are out of our control or occur in a timeframe that is outside our expectations. We cannot always control outcomes, but we sure as hell can control our behaviours that drive these outcomes. This article goes into detail on how to set behaviour goals around the outcome you desire.

Behaviour 7: Flexibility in attitude

The happiest people have the most flexible attitudes. It doesn’t matter to them if the squat rack is busy, they will do something else and come back to it. It doesn’t matter if they can’t get a meal that fits their macros exactly, they make another healthy choice.

Behaviour 8: Mastering scheduling

A popular quote in self development is that we are our schedule. We find that to be true. The most successful fat loss clients schedule in their workouts and meal prep. Join them.

Behaviour 9: An equal focus on recovery as well as training

This falls into treating this as a marathon and not a sprint. Make sure you focus on recovery modalities (meditation, stretching, yoga, whatever you like) to make sure you can keep on training.

Behaviour 10: A Coachable attitude

This is the most important behaviour. A successful client listens to their Coach and will take advice on board and IMPLEMENT it. This article goes into what you need to do to be Coachable.

Follow these fat loss behaviours and watch your results. You will be impressed.

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