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Are you Training the Right Way for Your Goals?

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Strength development. Bodybuilding. Athletic power and conditioning. Fat loss.

All these are goals of the clients we see in the gym at DC Health Performance. We help people each and every day achieve these goals and more and there is one thing we do a little bit differently than most gyms.

We train differently for each goal.

This may seem like a stupid statement. “Of course you train differently for each goal, they are different you idiot!”

But, what we do differently is perform each and every repetition specific to the goal the client is after.

What do we mean by that? Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Lifting for fat loss

Lifting for fat loss sucks! It is incredibly challenging and demanding and can be the hardest training you can do! Here are three things that you MUST do when training for fat loss.

  • Follow the tempo and the rest periods precisely: These are the most important variables in fat loss training. The longer each set takes you (thanks to following the prescribed tempo) the higher EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) you will experience. EPOC is basically how much energy you expend after the training session, rather than during. You want this number to be as large as possible. The rest periods will determine the metabolic response as well and having as short rest periods as possible will lead to higher EPOC.
  • You should feel slightly nauseous. Fat loss training hurts and high levels of metabolic build up does not feel great. To get the best fat loss results each session should be very uncomfortable.
  • Full body training is ideal: When training for fat loss, the bigger the muscle groups trained and the bigger the lift, the better. Focus on squats, dead lifts, push ups and chin ups. Even better if you can do these in a circuit format with strict tempos and short rest periods 🙂
Training for fat loss is the hardest training you can do!

Training for fat loss is the hardest training you can do!

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2. Lifting for muscle

Building muscle is tough. It requires a very specific focus and demands a lot more attention than training for fat loss. Here are three principles you must abide by to get jacked.

  • Initiate the movement with the desired muscle: There is a big difference to moving a weight and lifting a weight. This may sound like an exercise in semantics, but it is very important. Next time you train arms, try and initiate the movement by contracting the biceps near the elbow, squeezing the muscle fully the whole way and while lowering the weight, keep tension on the biceps feeling it stretch. I guarantee you will notice a massive difference in both the load you can lift and the pump you experience!
  • Go through the full range of motion: The further the range of motion, the more muscle fibers that can be targeted. In a biceps curl try to squeeze the triceps at the end range to stretch the biceps fully and then start curling again.
  • Get the peak contraction at full intensity: This one tip will change your results. Guaranteed. At the top of each range of motion, squeeze the target muscle as hard as you possibly can. Remember, you are trying to build muscle, not get strong.

3. Lifting for strength

This can be the most fun training goal (everyone loves throwing around some steel!) but can be the most risky. Here are some tips to skyrocket your strength gains.

  • Master full body tension: The more tension you can generate in your body, the heavier loads you can lift. This is when of the reasons when you see a powerlifter bench, they tighten their back, glutes, hamstrings, calves and everything else. Higher levels of tension lead to better strength due to a concept called irradiation, which is where contraction from one muscle overflows to the other.
  • Find your own mechanics: Everyone has an ideal position for each lift. Some people do best at a full squat with a narrow stance, some do best with a wider box squat. Having a Coach will accelerate this process exponentially.
  • Consistency: This is more true for strength than any other goal. Variety is needed for both fat loss and muscle building (and is often essential) but for strength a relentless and consistent attack on the main lifts is required. Strength training needs to be treated like practicing a skill and the benefits from taking this mindset are huge.

If you follow the above advice your results whether you are chasing fat loss, muscle gain or strength will skyrocket. Make sure you try them all out and let us know how you go!

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