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Juggernaught Training Systems – Seminar Recap

This past weekend Chris, Sean and I had the pleasure of attending a powerlifting seminar with Juggernaught Training Systems (JTS). The focus of this seminar for us was improving our coaching and programming ability for the 3 power lifts and also the opportunity to hang out and learn from truly elite coaches. The three coaches […]

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Gymnastics Bodies Seminar Recap

The past weekend I (Paul) had the pleasure of attending a Gymnastics Bodies seminar with Coach Christopher Sommers. We have been training at DC Health Performance using his progressions and exercises from his Foundation Course series with great results and massive increases in strength and going to this seminar was the next step in mastering […]

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Calories – Are you eating enough?

The debate about the importance of calories has raged on in the fat loss industry for the last 20 years. Many people claim they are all that matter while other camps claim they are irrelevant. In our opinion they matter a great deal (about 50% of your results depend on your calorie balance), but they […]

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The 6 Essential Supplements to Optimal Health – Updated!

One area of mass confusion in the world of health and fitness is supplements. Anyone can go into there local vitamin store and come out with a shopping bag full of pills promising to build muscle, burn fat and change your life all with one pill. Unfortunately this is a far cry from reality. Most […]

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