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How to Train in 2015

Now that we have nutrition out of the way, lets get stuck into training. Training is absolutely essential when it comes to achieving your body composition goals. Here is what you need to do to achieve all your training goals. Follow these steps to ensure your training is productive each and every time. 1. Have […]

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What to do to Kick Ass This Year!

Is this going to be the year in which you finally achieve your goals? In this series we are going to talk about the 5 factors you need to take control of to get results in 2015. No fluff, no BS, this series will outline EXACTLY what you need to do to kick ass in […]

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How to avoid the same mistakes this New Year

Every year, we see the same thing with our clients and we see them making the same mistakes they have made each and every year. Grand goals are set and even though people start with good intentions and put forth heaps of effort and then when hit by a minor setback, all good intentions go […]

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What Should Women Eat to Lose Fat?

Fat loss is the most common goal of every female client who comes into DC Health Performance. However, due to the sheer volume of misinformation, conflicting opinions and studies, many women do not know what or how to eat to lose fat in the safest, most effective and optimal way possible. Here are the steps […]

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Results: Are You Actually Getting Them?

At DC Health Performance, we deal primarily with results. Our motto is, “Your Results, Our Priority”. It is the foundation and the mission of our entire business. Everything we do is geared towards getting our clients better results first and foremost. However from doing this we see a LOT of people don’t achieve their desired […]

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Juggernaught Training Systems – Seminar Recap

This past weekend Chris, Sean and I had the pleasure of attending a powerlifting seminar with Juggernaught Training Systems (JTS). The focus of this seminar for us was improving our coaching and programming ability for the 3 power lifts and also the opportunity to hang out and learn from truly elite coaches. The three coaches […]

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Calories – Are you eating enough?

The debate about the importance of calories has raged on in the fat loss industry for the last 20 years. Many people claim they are all that matter while other camps claim they are irrelevant. In our opinion they matter a great deal (about 50% of your results depend on your calorie balance), but they […]

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Stress: Is it Making You Fat?

Stress is something each and everyone of us will have to deal with for the rest of our lives. It is an unavoidable fact of life that we will all be subjected to many different stressors and have to deal with it. Stress can also lead to many different signs and symptoms and is a […]

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The 8 Ways to Fix Stubborn Fat Loss

Lets get real here for a minute: Everyone who goes into a gym is looking for a way to lose fat as fast as possible. And as we have said time and time again you need to focus on the basics first, which are good training and a good diet. However, what happens if you […]

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