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Recovering from Training

Recovery is the unspoken part of training. Everyone is interested in how they can lift more, train harder and burn more fat, yet no one is really interested in how they can improve their recovery from training. If we do focus on our recovery however, we can train harder, get stronger and burn more fat. […]

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Supplements – What we Recommend for Performance

Now that you’ve read our article Supplements or Whole Foods (if you haven’t read that first), you have a much better idea of where you are and what you need to do to get started towards achieving your goals. In this article we are going to talk about what supplements are going to improve your […]

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Movement Monday – The Box Jump

Today for Movement Monday we will be learning the box jump. This is a great exercise to improve power and rate of force development but there are a few things you must do to get the most out of the exercise. – Make sure your landing position is the same as your take off position. […]

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Body fat, BMI and Being Realistic

“I want to lose weight” This is a sentence we hear each and every day at DC Health Performance. We applaud each and every person who makes the commitment to improve their health and make a change for the positive in their lives, and if this is your goal you should be commended. What the […]

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Movement Monday – The Rack Position

If you want to Olympic lift, you must master the rack position. In this video follow up to last weeks Movement Monday, (check it out here) DC Head Coach Sean goes through exactly what you need to do to master the rack position. This will help you improve your front squat and your clean catch, […]

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Supplements or Whole Foods?

Human nature has an interesting quality. We always tend to have an extremist reaction to anything, tending to be all for something or all against something. The same said can be said for supplements. People will take multiple supplements in the hope of achieving optimal health while others will totally shun supplements insisting that they […]

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The Art of Being Coached

One key element that links all people that are successful in any field of endeavour is that they are all extremely coachable. Did you know that Michael Jordan had a shooting coach? Or that Roger Federer has a tennis coach and Tiger Woods has a golf coach? This is because they all value the input […]

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Monday Mobility 1 – The Jefferson Curl

Welcome to our Monday Mobility Series. Each Monday we will be teaching you a new mobility exercise to ensure your movement quality improves each and every week. This week we will be focusing on the Jefferson Curl. This exercise is one of the best mobility and prehab exercises we know. Some benefits include: – Lengthening […]

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Mindset – Staying Focused in 2015

There is an abundance of high quality information available everywhere we go now. Through the marvels of technology we can access literally any piece of information we desire on our phones while sitting on a bus, drinking coffee at a cafe, or pretty much anywhere else in the globe. Heck, even this website is a […]

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Stress – How to Deal With It

Stress can effectively short change all your amazing efforts with your diet, training and sleep. It will effectively make you a poor performer in every area of your life and make everything harder to achieve. What we need to learn to do is eliminate the unnecessary sources of stress that we can control and learn […]

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