The Nutritional Hierarchy of Results

"Should I have brown or white rice?" "Are green coffee bean supplements going to help me lose fat?" "Will carbs at night make me fat? These are all questions we get daily at DC Health Performance. What we wanted to do was clarify what you really need to focus on to get the most results out of your nutritional program. (Disclaimer): … [Read more...]

Triggers, Habits and Autopilot: Why We Fail at Losing Fat

In 1993 a man called Eugene suffered from a potentially fatal condition called Viral Encephalitis. He was on the brink of death, yet over time, like some type of miracle he recovered. His nervous system was intact, his motor skills remained and the doctors were amazed at the depth of his recovery. This is a nice enough story, potentially … [Read more...]

Weekends, Cheat Meals and Holidays

Picture this: You've been good all week. Every meal, every workout has been planned and done to perfection. You've sweated, cooked, prepared and measured everything you have to and you've killed it this week. It's now Friday night. Work has been tough. You've made 100's of decisions, each one draining your precious willpower, wearing you down. … [Read more...]

Is Your Relationship With Food Stopping Your Results

What’s one thing all humans have in common? What binds us as a species, is a means of bonding with our fellow man, helps us build stronger relationships and allows us to survive and quite possibly thrive? We all eat and we all have a unique relationship with food.  Our relationship with what we eat is something that is formed over the course of … [Read more...]

The Calorie Counting Conundrum

"Eat 1500 calories a day to lose fat" "Follow your macros and it doesn't matter what you eat, just hit your numbers!" "If it Fits Your Macros" If only life was that simple. If only everything in life could be broken down into a mathematical equation(wouldn't relationships be easier!). Unfortunately when it comes to a subject as complex and … [Read more...]

The DCHP Food Prep Guide

The key to success in a body transformation is making it simple. We already have so many things going on in our lives each and every day, we don't need to add more complexity to our already over-crowded days. One of, and perhaps the most important aspect of any body transformation, fat loss or muscle gain program is the nutrition aspect. Eating … [Read more...]

The DC Lift Strong Team – Our First Powerlifting Meet

   "The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give." Howard Cosell At DC Health Performance, we place a premium just not on how you look, but how you perform. We want all of our clients to actually be as strong as they … [Read more...]

It’s Not Just About Cardio and Carbs – 7 Ways to Get Your Mindset Right to Change Your Body

We all think if we make it to the gym 3-4 times a week, cut our carbs and generally work hard, we will drop fat, build muscle and get the body of our dreams. The truth of the matter is however, no matter how good our intentions are, and how good our attempts are at healthy eating, if we don't go into healthy eating with the right outlook and … [Read more...]

Getting Started – The Time is Now!

Have you ever heard anyone say "When the time is right" when they are talking about starting a new project, a business venture, learning a musical instrument or even a health and fitness goal? We are always waiting for the perfect time. But the question is why? For many of us, it distracts us and provides a justification. It helps us avoid … [Read more...]

Movement Monday – Snatch Preparation

Olympic lifting is one of the most beneficial movement practices you can implement in your training. It can be used to develop power, strength, explosiveness and speed. It is also a heap of fun and will help you orientate your training towards performance based goals. One of the biggest problems people have with Olympic Lifting is a lack of … [Read more...]