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The 6 Essential Supplements to Optimal Health – Updated!

One area of mass confusion in the world of health and fitness is supplements. Anyone can go into there local vitamin store and come out with a shopping bag full of pills promising to build muscle, burn fat and change your life all with one pill. Unfortunately this is a far cry from reality. Most […]

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Juice Fasting: 6 reasons why it may not be right for you

Detoxification has been a buzz word around the health and fitness industry. Many people are trying to make up for a lifetime of poor food, stress, drinking and other unhealthy habits with a week of juicing. Although we are not opposed to drinking raw vegetable juices (they are a great source of vitamins and enzymes) […]

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Cholesterol is a substance that has been much maligned by the media and has been unfairly implicated in heart disease and its role in healthy cell function has been neglected. At DC Health Performance we educate all our clients on the true function of cholesterol and what our clients real risk factors are for heart […]

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