PowerLifting Workshop @DC Health Performance

Over the weekend Head Coach Sean and I (Paul) held a lifting workshop going over the techniques and key pointers for the 3 powerlifts, the squat, the bench and the dead lift. We had a great turn out and it was great to see so many people overcome their limits and set some awesome PR's. Here are a few key pointers for anyone who missed the … [Read more...]

Knee Pain – 5 Ways to Feel Better Now!

Have you ever experienced sharp, stabbing pain while embarking on your weekly run? Or felt your legs give out from under you during a squat, and the dull ache in your knees staying with you for weeks? If you have, you know the agony and the feeling of incapacitation this can bring. Luckily for you, here is our guide to keeping your knees healthy … [Read more...]

Calories – Are you eating enough?

The debate about the importance of calories has raged on in the fat loss industry for the last 20 years. Many people claim they are all that matter while other camps claim they are irrelevant. In our opinion they matter a great deal (about 50% of your results depend on your calorie balance), but they are a part of the bigger picture. To really … [Read more...]