From Good to Great: The 10 Behaviours of A Successful Fat loss Program

Do you wish you knew the EXACT secret to losing the last 3-5 kilograms and finally getting your dream body? You know all the numbers, the maths, the counting calories and what your macros need to be but this is only getting you to good. You want GREATNESS. In this blog we explore the 10 behaviours that, if implemented, lead to amazing results … [Read more...]

The Low Carb Mistakes Killing Your Strength Gains

Let's paint a picture - you go to the gym and train hard 3-4 times a week. You want to get strong and you know what it takes. Effort. Discipline. Willpower. You know diet makes a huge impact on your results. You follow a low carb diet because you've heard it's the best way to get lean, strong and perform well. You've heard about 'fat … [Read more...]

Get Off the Bench, Get in the Game

Let's be honest: As much as we say we  want to be a team player, we want to be on the court at tip off. We want to score over whoever dares defend us, make the key defensive play, drop the defender with the killer crossover and sink the game winner. To do this all and make sure we start the game, we need to optimise our physical talents. Want … [Read more...]

Here is a method that is helping Steph Curry get Strong and Dominate the NBA

Do you want to know the secret that is leading to a revolution in the NBA and its something that doesn't rely on height, genetics or talent? Do you want to know the secret that is leading to a revolution in the NBAIts strength. Steph Curry can do deadlifts with 180kgs of weight. Do you feel that this massive amount of strength helps him on the … [Read more...]

The 5 Keys to Getting Stronger in The Gym

We know you. You LOVE lifting heavy things and putting them down again. Each extra plate on the bar or rep is a rush. The dopamine rush pumps you up. You're addicted. You live for it. You want to get the best out of each and every training session. You want nothing left to chance so you get everything out of it that you put in. Lucky for you, … [Read more...]

Strong is the New Sexy – Lifting for Health, Beauty and Strength

"When I lose 5 kgs I'll be happy" "When I get to 18% bodyfat life will be meaningful" "When I get into those size 8 jeans my life will be finally worth something" For too long, so many women have put their self esteem into their body shape, scale weight and bodyfat percentage. We say no more! A woman (or any person) is worth so much more than an … [Read more...]

Decision Fatigue and Willpower

We often blame ourselves for our lack of ability to resist foods; we don’t have enough willpower to resist. The unfortunate truth of the matter is we all live busy lives and we have to make 100’s of decisions daily. Having this degree of responsibility in our life also happens to drain our willpower reserves rapidly. It does not mean you are a … [Read more...]

Want to Put on Size? Here’s a Solid Program

If you have been following our recent series of articles, so far we have covered the 5 Biggest Myths Around Mass and our guide to working out your diet. If not you can check them out here: If you missed out on our Knowing Your Numbers for Mass Nutrition Guide simply click … [Read more...]

If It Fits Your Macros – Is It The Answer?

Lets cut to the chase here - If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) is one of the most popular nutrition trends around at the moment. It operates around the basic premise that you need to hit a certain target of the key macronutrients each day - protein, carbohydrates and fats to achieve your physique goals. In some descriptions it also states that the … [Read more...]

The 5 Biggest Myths Around Gaining Size

You are here today reading this report because you are sick and tired of all the conflicting information out there when it come to getting jacked. Should I bulk? Should I take creatine? Is cardio going to rob me of my gains and make my legs look like a flamingo? Fortunately for you, we are sick of it to. There are too many guys who struggle to … [Read more...]